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NTD-Eurofin Labs ?

  • 1.  NTD-Eurofin Labs ?

    Posted 16 days ago
    ​​​Good Morning,
    I hope everyone is doing well! I am reaching out to inquire if there are any practices using NTD Eurofins for their NIPT and or MFST1 testing? We have been using them for quite some time and did not seem to have any problems until about 6 months ago.   We were made aware a few weeks ago that the "Y" testing has been discontinued due to what we understand is suspected compliance. Our office was having an increase in "Y" being reported with incorrect genders. However we were using them for NIPT for some of those patients and we have been getting reports back that are stating "Sample is beyond stability date" in reality the draw date and date received was with in 5 days?
    I am curious to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues with NTD Eurofins testing?
    Appreciate your feedback :)

    Danielle Strosnider

  • 2.  RE: NTD-Eurofin Labs ?

    Posted 13 days ago
    Sorry for delay in getting back to you.
    Eurofins is the company that bought out Emory Genetics laboratory. Per their website, they are sending out their NIPS to Illumina for the Verifi testing.
    I'm unaware of any issues with Y studies, specifically.
    There are some companies that have been suggested to hide test failures or sequencing issues deep in their reports.
    Of course delay in shipping or receipt to the lab is an issue, too.
    This applies to specimens sent to the US from Europe, of course. Not sure if that applies to you, though.
    Nathan Slotnick

    Robert Slotnick