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  • MFM FRAME Survey for Fellows

    Hello MFM Program Directors,

    In an effort to improve mentorship for MFM applicants, the Associate Member Representatives are working to establish a new program called MFM FRAME (Fellow-Resident Applicant Mentorship Experience) in which current fellows will serve as mentors to resident applicants. The reason we sought to develop this program is because of an identified deficit in resident mentorship with varying levels of mentorship across residency programs. We recognize that applicants with less mentorship and/or without local fellowship programs may have different experiences in applying to fellowship. The goal of the MFM FRAME program is to provide an improved mentorship experience for all fellowship applicants so they are able to put their best foot forward and not be limited simply by a lack of guidance in the process.

    What we need at this time is to have current fellows fill out the attached survey (which takes approximately 5 minutes to complete). Your fellows should have already received a request from SMFM to fill out the survey but we are hoping you may encourage them to fill it out if they have not done so already. The survey assesses past experiences with mentorship, solicits opinions about ways to optimize the program, and provides an opportunity for willing/enthusiastic fellows to volunteer as future mentors to applicants. There are also a few questions at the end about training during COVID times.

    *Note: This is a fellow initiated project. No part of this survey is program specific and the survey will in no way be utilized to evaluate personal qualifications or quality of training.*

    Please direct questions or concerns about this project to Shannon Son (Associate Member Representative)


  • MFM Fellowship Interview and Start Dates

    Dear MFM Fellowship Program Directors,

    Thank you for your response to our recent survey on interview dates and fellowship start dates.  With a >75% response rate, the overwhelming majority of respondents do not want to use the interview dates suggested by CREOG, so please feel free to arrange your interview dates as you have in the past.  With regards to the fellowship start date, SMFM has not taken a stance on when this should occur, and the majority are not willing and able to start on 7/7.  We will use this information to inform CREOG of the possible impact on MFM.  Thanks again. 

    Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

    Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD, MSc
    SMFM Fellowship Committee

    Tim Heinle
    Staff Liaison
    SMFM Fellowship Committee