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    Coding Conference

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    Good Morning All,  Just wanted to update everyone we are planning to be in person for the Coding Course in Florida next month.  Registration is open on the website.  Vanita Coding Course for MFM on Nov 19-20 in Clearwater, FL Learn to code faster ...

  • Posted in: Practice Management

    Practice Management Conference on Nov 18-19 in Clearwater, FL MFMs and administrative leaders in MFM practices are invited to learn more about the business of MFM with case studies and best practices, processes for continuous quality improvement, and ...

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    RE: New Patient?

    Posted in: Coding

    Hello, Outpatient consultation codes (99241-99245) do not have new/established requirements attached to them, per CPT. They are for new or established patients, when your opinion/advice are requested by another health care provider, and you provide a ...

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