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    76813 and 76801

    Posted in: Coding

    Good morning!  At our facility we perform a NT most commonly during the 1st trimester detailed ultrasound. Charging for 76813 and 76801 (single gestation and then following coding guidelines for twins). To do both at the same time routinely ensures best ...

  • Posted in: Practice Management

    All, thank so much for your insights. Dr Bsat, the document from Aetna will surely prove useful in future negotiations (not all classes of obesity are currently viewed as indications for 76811 in my state). Appreciate the help!! ...

  • Posted in: Practice Management

    Thanks for the great question and Agree with Dr. Bsat.  BMI > 30 is an indication for a detailed/advanced ultrasound.  Tony ------------------------------ Anthony Sciscione ------------------------------

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