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  • Coding Course for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Spring 2019)


    May 16 - 17, (CT)
    Designed especially for maternal-fetal medicine physicians, practice managers and MFM staff, the SMFM Coding Course is the most comprehensive and interactive course of its kind. Enjoy class discussions, live polling, and case studies with national experts in coding.
    Houston, TX, United States

  • The Essential Ultrasound Course for Maternal-Fetal Medicine


    May 31 - Jun 1, (CT)
    This meeting is designed to cover a variety of ultrasound topics to improve the ability to diagnose, counsel and treat a wide range of fetal abnormalities. From genetic screening and prenatal diagnosis to advances techniques for obtaining cardiac views to how to design a data-driven ultrasound schedule, this course provides comprehensive education relevant to physicians and sonographers performing advanced obstetrical ultrasounds.
    New Orleans, LA, United States

  • Prenatal Genetics 2019


    Sep 4, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (CT)
    Designed for all OB providers, including OBGYN generalists as well as MFM specialists.  Genetics expert, Dr. Mary Norton, will lead a case-based, interactive course focused on testing for prenatal aneuploidy, prenatal diagnostic testing, carrier screening, chromosomal microarray analysis, and new advances in molecular testing including whole genome and exome sequencing for evaluation of fetal structural anomalies.  Our expert panel will review interesting cases, including any submitted by the attendees.
    Chicago, IL, United States

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