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E&M Coding with ultrasound

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    Posted 09-04-2020 09:47
    ​​Hi all!

    I manage a corporate owned practice.  In this time of Covid, an internal audit is being performed to insure we are capturing all charges.
    My provider is only billing for an ultrasound when seeing established patients for dopplers, growth, bpp's etc.  Time spent with the patient depends on findings.
    The question has been asked if the provider should be billing an E&M code with the ultrasound visit?  Documentation is key and I know that time, medical necessity and other requirements for an E&M are important.  
    What additional considerations are needed?  What factors should be taken into consideration for billing a level?  The note has all the components for the E&M but my provider does not want to bill just to be billing. 
    Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

    Paula Pelfrey