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  • 1.  Sonographer oreintation check lists / competency chek offs

    Posted 02-05-2021 13:50
    ​We are in need of an orientation skills check list for new sonographers as well as an annual competency check list for the more seasoned sonogrphers.  Before we try to re-invent the wheel... has there been anything developed that would meet those needs?
    Thank you.

    Jodi Roberson
    Cook Children's Maternal Fetal Medicine][Abilene TX

  • 2.  RE: Sonographer oreintation check lists / competency chek offs

    Posted 02-05-2021 20:23
    The competency checks are, in our case, being the AIUM guidelines (as if one is doing an US for AIUM certification). It is also used for when AIUM is "on cycle" that year for the rest of the sonographers. We have done the "off" years in two different ways. One is to have the chief sonographer pull the level I or II out by "random" and review the pictures of that sonographer using 3 different studies. If the MD "accepted" what would be not acceptable pictures, the division director reviewed that with the MD. If the sonographer needed remediation, the chief sonographer did this. It was not meant to be punitive because we wanted it to be more educational. The other method was to have all the sonographers review each other's pictures from pulled exams by the Chief Sonographer. We did this as a group and discussed the reason why some of the pictures were suboptimal. No names were revealed. Everyone had a chance to "vote" and say something with each series of scans. Again, this was used as an educational session and not punitive. Hope this helps for suggestion.

    Allan FISHER