Practice Management

  • 1.  MFM Consultation Coding

    Posted 01-13-2020 10:16
    A patient was sent to a MFM for a consultation due to diabetes and it was determined that this MFM would assume the prenatal care for this pregnancy.  After MFM has established care, the patient comes in for prenatal appointment with MFM and a growth ultrasound.  A new fetal abnormality is found on the ultrasound.  Can this MFM perform a second consultation due to the new problem that was found on the ultrasound?

    Example of billing would be:
    1. Prenatal visit with diabetes diagnosis
    2. Ultrasound with new problem diagnosis and growth
    3. Consultation with new problem diagnosis

    Tamra Davis
    Physician Coding Supervisor
    UF Health OB/GYN Shands
    Gainesville, Fl