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ICD-10 indications for 76811, 76825, the new DFTU

  • 1.  ICD-10 indications for 76811, 76825, the new DFTU

    Posted 12-08-2021 11:17
    Hello Coding and Practice Management Communities Members:

    Season's Greetings! In response to many of you asking us to provide appropriate ICD-10 indication codes to the major imaging studies, the Coding Committee is please to provide you with the following 3 tables.  Myself and some of my amazing committee members (Barb Fisher, Fadi Bsat, Trish Malisch, Brad Hart, Steve Rad, Matt Esposito) have been working on this project for the past 2 years.  It took a bit of review and tweaking, but I think we have hopefully adequately captured the indications that are listed in the clinical guidance for these studies (as put out by AIUM, AHA, ACC, ISUOG etc).  A very special thank you to Dr. Barb Fisher who was the Task Force Lead on this project since 2019, and to Dr. Fadi Bsat who started this idea back in 2016 with the then 'new' 76811 indications!  Both of them worked very hard to bring this project to fruition. 

    I am only linking up the tables here, and we will post to the website under coding resources.  But if you want more information and references (i.e. which clinical guidelines we utilized), then please refer to the actual publications (DOI listed at the bottom on the table for easy pubmed search). As always if you have concerns, comments - or even edits - I welcome any/all input.  Please reach out to myself or the Coding Committee Vice Chair Steve Rad.  


    Vanita Jain, MD
    Chair, SMFM Coding Committee