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  • 1.  Blocking results release & 21st Century Cures act

    Posted 03-08-2021 09:09

    Hi -

    Effectve April 5, our health system will be releasing all results, including the full text of ultrasound reports, to pateints through our EHR portal. We've been advised that this is mandated by the 21st century cures act as part of transparency and patient access to records.

    How are folks planning to communicate with patients about things like percentiles on biometry that may result in a deluge of questions? Does anyone have existing patient-facing educational material such as "frequently asked questiosn about your ultrasound report" that could be shared?


    -Alison Stuebe 

    Alison Stuebe

  • 2.  RE: Blocking results release & 21st Century Cures act

    Posted 03-08-2021 17:49
    Hi Alison,
    Some ultrasound reporting packages will let you see the individual percentiles on the screen but can block them from the report that goes to the EMR. This is particularly valuable when the discrepancy is due to constitution rather than pathology. You can decide after what gestational age these will be included on the report . For EFW and dating, I think they should always be reported as any deviation would have probably been discussed with the patient before she leaves.

    Fadi Bsat, MD
    Past Chair, SMFM Coding Committee

  • 3.  RE: Blocking results release & 21st Century Cures act

    Posted 03-09-2021 17:17
    I would agree with Fadi.  We have always allowed open access to notes and ultrasound reports through our patient portals.  Our practice intentionally avoids placing the percentiles for HC, BPD, FL on the report, rather just the equivalent gestational age.  If it is clinically significant, we discuss and/or comment on the report.  As Fadi states, all percentiles are visible within the reporting system to the sonographers and physicians- however we have found that placing these on the reports (as we have seen from some of our local radiology units) has definitely increased patient anxiety and unnecessary additional testing.

    I don't have anything that we use currently Alison to address your specific questions about US reports, however if you are interested - here is a website that may be helpful in general with patient FAQs.  Reading Your Notes: FAQs for Patients (

    Hope this helps.  TL

    Thomas Lee

  • 4.  RE: Blocking results release & 21st Century Cures act

    Posted 03-09-2021 19:43
    We have been releasing results since January which includes full report and the images. Thus far, the questions we have had are related to things the patient “doesn’t agree with” or they think they see something abnormal on the images. All in all, we haven’t had a huge number of calls.

    The abnormals have a discussion about results prior to leaving the office and we try to address things that are likely to cause questions (e.g. small head that is 1-2 SD of the mean for gestational age, etc).


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