• 1.  76819

    Posted 05-03-2021 15:48
    Good afternoon,

    I was wanting clarification on billing for a BPP 76819, can someone confirm or provide documented proof that on the ultrasound report 8/8 is not enough to warrant the BPP and that the actual graph is not needed in order to bill 76819.

    In my coding office, I have requested ultrasound techs to add the graph before I would bill for the BPP because to me 8/8 does not give me the specifics of what monitored on the fetus.

    But if only having 8/8 on the ultrasound is enough please let me know this also as this has been a big issue lately.

    Norah Al-Hussaini

  • 2.  RE: 76819

    Posted 05-05-2021 12:03
    Hi Norah,
    I was unable to see the graph that you attached.
    The individual components of the BPP should be individually documented. Just stating 8/8 is not enough.
    Also, the images pertaining to the amniotic fluid volume should also be kept, either in a print or digital format (PACS).

    Fadi Bsat, MD
    Past Chair, SMFM Coding Committee

  • 3.  RE: 76819

    Posted 05-05-2021 12:10
    Fadi Best,

    Thank you so much for your response on this. This is very helpful to the MFM practice I work for, I had mentioned that it needed to be on there and they kept saying 8/8 was enough but know this confirms what is needed on the ultrasound report.

    Norah Al-Hussaini

  • 4.  RE: 76819

    Posted 05-06-2021 12:49
    HI Norah
    Sorry I couldn't see the graph either.  But I agree with Fadi's answer, a simple 8/8 is likely not best practice. 
    You would want to follow the AIUM document: .  This document does tell you to be specific with the components in the body of the report. And in regards to components of the BPP from AIUM here:  It is best practice to make sure you are following AIUM standards even if not technically 'required' to submit a claim per se or for reimbursement.  

    Vanita Jain, MD
    Chair, SMFM Coding Committee