• 1.  Tracking Codes w/ E/M

    Posted 02-23-2021 09:25
    Good morning,

    I have a question about billing tracking codes 0502F with E/M on the same encounter. If you have a patient that is severely high-risk with a lot of mobility conditions in her pregnancy and this patient is seen more often than normal due to these issues are you allowed to bill 0502F with 99214 if the MDM warrants this level 4. Or should the removed 0502F and only bill for the E/M? Most of the MFM patients are seen for high-risk issues but we were wondering if a patient's condition is not considered routine prenatal care because of the pre-existing chronic issues are you able to bill for a regular E/M instead due to the nature of the high-risk complications the patient continues to have.

    I apologize if this is confusing. I appreciate any help with this.

    Norah AL-Hussaini

    Norah Al-Hussaini