Benefits of coloring drawing for child in education

  • 1.  Benefits of coloring drawing for child in education

    Posted 03-25-2022 06:01

    There are many benefits of coloring in kids, although it is hard to imagine at first. I have been a super fan of coloring for years and coloring is no longer just a children's thing. So… get out your pencils, markers, crayons, and anything else you find around the house and get to work! Because I am going to explain to you in the first person how you can start, my recommendations, and all the benefits of coloring for kids.

    oh! And another thing more. If you have already read about everything that mindfulness and meditation can do for you, but you just haven't gotten the hang of it, you can't miss this post. Still, you have just discovered the ideal way to work and develop mindfulness. Have you ever imagined that coloring pages Värityskuvat can be a good alternative to mindfulness or even the ideal complement? It is a great match.


    Coloring will not only allow you to remember childhood and simpler times, but it will also help you reduce stress levels because by coloring you get away from the problems of everyday life. By concentrating deeply on the task you are doing and not requiring active thinking in the traditional sense of the word, you manage to focus your entire being on the present moment, without accessing the memory or thought of other situations that at that precise moment you cannot control or sort out. In a way, it could be said that coloring makes you happy and cheers you up.

    And to continue making it easy for your brain and have it all summarized at a glance, I wanted to make a list of all the benefits offered by the activity that I propose today:

    • It's therapeutic: by coloring, you allow the brain to rest and relax. You are solely focused on your drawing and selecting the best color combination.
    • It has intellectual benefits: you use areas of the brain associated with improving focus and concentration: in decision-making such as the use of colors, both hemispheres of the brain are used, and you can train by adding complexity to your drawings.
    • Awaken your inner artist: coloring will make you happy like a child. Awakening creativity is super rewarding.
    • Bye-bye technology:  it can be considered as a way to carry out a digital detox since for a while you will be able to get away from a screen.
    • You will sleep better: before bed, you get away from social networks and the blue light of your mobile phone and change it for a little bit of creativity, it will improve the quality of your sleep.
    • You will feel fuller and happier: when you finish each piece, you will discover the talent you have saved and this will make you a more confident person.
    • Mindfulness: Like meditation, it is a method that induces awareness towards relaxation.

    You may be wondering, why color? These are just some of the benefits of coloring for kids, because, believe it or not, in general, artistic expressions generate a very great link between the individual who practices them and their internal experience.


    You can use pencils, markers, wax paints, inks, watercolors, temperas, etc... any option will help you achieve the same results.

    It's also great to have some paper handy so you can test the colors (because the color you see on the container doesn't always match the color you're going to paint), a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a lot of patience! I recommend doing it in a calm and relaxed environment, even with some music to help you focus and let the color flow. This hobby has been gaining followers little by little and it is that you manage to disconnect your mind and concentrate only on deciding the best mix of colors, on not getting out of the lines, or if a shade here or there is better.


    Not only from mandalas does mindfulness live through drawing. Although the Tibetan monks are the ones who know the most about meditation and it is precisely this type of drawing that they usually do, in reality, the type of drawing is almost the least important thing. You can color animals, landscapes, adorable little monsters, emblematic places in the world, fruits, doodles, or doodles, as the modern ones say.

    Yes indeed! You don't need to buy a book to get started if you don't know if you're going to be hooked on this activity at first. There are thousands of images that you can download from the internet and even some brands have designs available on their websites, to download for free. I take this opportunity to ask you if you would like us to prepare some "special edition of Unavida" drawings so that you can color and start practicing this wonderful technique that has given me so much joy.

    And going back to the central theme, as you can see, coloring can be a very cheap anti-stress therapy, so you have no excuse not to start!


    If you are going to enjoy the benefits of coloring for kids with a book, I advise you to place one or two blank sheets of paper between the page you are going to color and the next. This will protect the next drawing from any pressure you exert when coloring and will not alter the drawings on the other pages. On the other hand, depending on the material you are using to color, I also suggest that you use a larger sheet on the same page, so that your hand does not dirty other areas of the drawing when passing through the areas that already have color. Maniac and perfectionist? Yes, I do not deny it.


    I would not know how to answer this 100%, but it is a good alternative for you to improve your habits and improve your quality of life.

    What is clear to me is that you are ready to start enjoying all the benefits of coloring for kids. Of course, remember that there are no written rules because each of us likes different combinations of colors, styles, and shapes. You can look for inspiration in nature, in a corner of your house, or in that painting you studied at school.

    Of course, I would ask you not to forget to share your drawings. So more people can be encouraged and this hobby continues to expand. In addition, you will help more people enjoy its benefits. You can even color the same drawing with your partner, friends, or family and then share and comment on the different results. It can be a great activity.

    Finally, I wanted to encourage you once again to start this practice because, in short, when I color, I fly without wings.

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