Which CRL > EGA calculation package do you use?

  • 1.  Which CRL > EGA calculation package do you use?

    Posted 10-24-2019 12:14
    SMFM members...
    I was wondering which calculation package other practices use within your reporting systems for first trimester calculation of EGA from CRL.  We currently use Hadlock 1992.  However, issues arise at the transition between first and second trimesters - as most calculation packages suggest a CRL of 84 mm >> 14+ weeks (e.g., Hadlock suggests 14.3 weeks).  This causes problems when performing NT measurements, assignment of gestational age, and billing/coding.
    Example:  Patient with unsure dating.  A CRL of 83 mm obtained >> 14.2 weeks by Hadlock.  This is now technically a 2nd trimester ultrasound.  Our practice's protocol after 14 weeks is to perform full biometry (HC,BPD,AC,FL) and bill a 76805 (initial 2nd trimester ultrasound) - since it's now a 2nd trimester pregnancy.  Due you convert the study from a 1st trimester 76801 and/or 76813 (if you are doing NT measurement too) to a 2nd trimester study or what?
    Not sure what to do... what do other people do?  What 1st trimester calculation package are you using?

    Thomas Lee