• 1.  CPT 76813 NT Ultrasound

    Posted 05-17-2019 10:30
    Medicaid Humana and Medicaid Staywell/WellCare in the state of Florida is denying our NT ultrasounds when billed with diagnosis Z36.82.  Medicaid states high-risk diagnosis must be primary.  Ideas? Thoughts?

    Tamra Davis
    Physician Coding Supervisor
    UF Health OB/GYN Shands
    Gainesville, Fl

  • 2.  RE: CPT 76813 NT Ultrasound

    Posted 10-31-2019 12:42
    Have you posted this to the billing/coding community?  I'm sure the Coding Committee would be able to weigh in on this.

    Thomas Lee

  • 3.  RE: CPT 76813 NT Ultrasound

    Posted 10-31-2019 20:55
    Z36.82 is the correct ICD-10 code in this situation. However check your contract with the payer or speak with their medical director for alternatives. Your contract may specify other codes to use for screening NT.

    Fadi Bsat