• 1.  Preliminary ultrasound reports

    Posted 04-21-2020 14:30
    I currently run 4-5 ultrasound rooms simultaneously. I back scan and have a face to face discussion regarding ultrasound results with most of these patients. Many of these patients are then moved within 5 minutes after my visit to their primary ob/gyn physician's room for an ob visit. There is occasionally not enough time between these two visits for me to proof, correct errors, and finalize the sonographers preliminary report before they are seen by their physician. The general ob physicians currently do not have access to review images or preliminary reports and need to wait until the final is pushed to EPIC.

    In my previous practice our MFM group allowed a preliminary report with images released by the sonographer to flow to epic. The preliminary report was then archived and overwritten when the MD finalized and signed ultrasound report. The final report was released same day and usually within 1 hour. This process was a big satisfy for referring docs. All significant abnormal results were communicated verbally physician to physician

    AIUM has guidance regarding release of preliminary reports but does not specify if the preliminary report needs to be pushed by the MD or if a sonographer can release the clearly marked preliminary report.

    I would like to improve referring doc satisfaction by implementing a similar preliminary report release in my current practice. Is there any society guidance / AIUM guidance specifically regarding sonographer  preliminary reports? Are any other practices using similar processes?


    Amie Hollard

  • 2.  RE: Preliminary ultrasound reports

    Posted 05-21-2021 18:49
    In our MFM division, the Sonographer will just print a copy of the preliminary report for the generalist OB provider. We do not release the prelim in Epic. The provider knows to expect the final report in Epic within 72 hours.

    Monique Alonzo