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Antenatal testing for COVID 19 positive patients

  • 1.  Antenatal testing for COVID 19 positive patients

    Posted 03-19-2020 19:08

    As our planning moves onto the second phase we are beginning to discuss how best to plan for antenatal testing in patients who test positive. Specifically we are discussed testing strategies (frequency, type, location, etc) for patients with typical indications for testing (ie fgr) who are also COVID positive.

    As far as pui are concerned we are thinking to delay antenatal testing until test results return if the test return interval remains acceptable.

    Have any of you addressed this yet in planning or practice?

    James Edwards

  • 2.  RE: Antenatal testing for COVID 19 positive patients

    Posted 03-27-2020 10:40
    Have you been able to sources to guide a testing strategy.  In our location waiting for test results is not necessarily an acceptable option as currently results for some patients take more than 10 days.

    For hospitalized patients isolation is already established and antenatal testing can continue as indicated.  Those are also the far sicker patients.  The majority of our patients are home in isolation.

    Right now L&D triage has better access to PPE and larger rooms, when compared to our antenatal testing unit.  L&D nursing however is considerably more burdened by demands of the outbreak as well as the customary higher acuity of an L&D unit.

    I am interested in what you and others have learned.

    Menachem Graupe