• 1.  59025 and 99211

    Posted 09-22-2022 18:19
    Would it be appropriate to bill 99211-25 with 59025 when an RN performs the NST?  Vitals were taken & ROS completed by RN.  RN hooks patient up to monitor and stay in the room with patient entire time monitoring the test strip.  59025 CPT definition does not state that it includes set up/monitoring but also, it's usually inherent when administrating a test that certain things are included (such as set up & monitoring).

    I would appreciate any input.

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  • 2.  RE: 59025 and 99211

    Posted 09-23-2022 19:36
    No, 99211 are not billed with NST's unless nurse went over medication management with patient or it was a completely different service than NST