Practice Management

  • 1.  Consulting Negotiations

    Posted 08-25-2022 09:54
    Hi all,

    I'm curious if anyone has any advice or experience with a scenario that we are facing.

    We currently provide inpatient consult coverage from 6a-5p M-F in addition to our outpatient office schedule.  These consults cover a three hospital system.  Our health system (who is also employer) is considering expanding our coverage to 24/7 for inpatient consults.  This change will actually require us to renegotiate our contracts which currently specifically state that this type of coverage is not included.  

    We are talking among our group about various ways to include this in new contracts and potential reimbursement models.  There are four MFM currently and we are all on a productivity only contract except our most junior partner who will be switching to this in the next year.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice.


    James Edwards