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  • 1.  Interpreter

    Posted 01-03-2024 13:50

    Is there a CPT code that can be used when an interpreter is required during E&M visit?Any difference if it's  just over the phone or face-to-face on an iPad?

    Thank you. 

    Andrew Ward

  • 2.  RE: Interpreter

    Posted 01-04-2024 10:36

    Hello Andrew,

    When billing for interpreter services, the assistance should be billed under HCPCS T1013 (Sign language or oral interpretive services, per 15 minutes). Unfortunately, many payers including Medicare do not reimburse for this service, or may have limits to the number of 15 minutes units allowed.


    Fadi Bsat, MD, FAIUM
    Chair, SMFM Practice Management Committee
    Past Chair, SMFM Coding Committee

  • 3.  RE: Interpreter

    Posted 01-12-2024 02:01

    Insurance companies don't pay for this service. 

    Galina Tulman

  • 4.  RE: Interpreter

    Posted 01-14-2024 21:23

    No, but you may choose to bill for time rather than medical decision making, which may increase reimbursement depending on the MDM utilized.

    Kerri Brackney