• 1.  PQF closing

    Posted 06-01-2023 19:45

    Have any of your practices begun to consider what you will do with PQF closing? We have historically used NTQR and not FMF. Are you planning to switch over to FMF for NT certification and tracking? Other considerations? 


    Ashlie Tronnes

    Ashlie Tronnes

  • 2.  RE: PQF closing

    Posted 06-03-2023 07:10

    A couple of thoughts which I hope are helpful.

    1. For those who have made the paradigm shift in aneuploidy screening to cell-free DNA, a precise measurement of the NT and monitoring of  provider performance measuring it,  is no longer necessary.

    2.  For those who are screening for aneuploidy using the NT/CRL and serum analytes, PQF is providing initial credentialing and epidemiologic monitoring through the end of 2023. Thereafter several analyte laboratories have confirmed that they will honor a PQF credential in 'good standing' through the end of 2024. 

    3. After 2024, those practices using  NT/CRL/analytes for aneuploidy risk assessment will likely need to transition to FMF (assuming external credentialing is required.) 

    4. An ultrasound in this gestational age window is important in evaluating early fetal anatomy (and placental structure). 

    Hope this is helpful to you. 

    My best, 
    Bryann Bromley MD
    Chair, PQF