• 1.  Previous history of COVID-19 in Pregancy

    Posted 01-23-2023 15:37
    I have a question about covid-19 during pregnancy. For example, a patient contracts covid-19 in her first trimester, but then towards her second-trimester patient is cleared and tested negative. For coding purposes of a personal history of covid-19, is it okay to bill O99.891 with Z86.16? Because it is not current but she now has a history of it.


    Norah AL-Hussaini

    Norah Al-Hussaini

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    Posted 01-24-2023 09:32

    For history of Covid-19, please see the following guidance from coding question #2309 on the SMFM web site. I hope this is helpful!
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    Per the issued SMFM White Paper discussing proper ICD-10 coding for presumptive positive or confirmed positive cases, and substantiated by coding guidance from the CDC, only presumptive positive or confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 infection can be reported. However, reporting a history is possible if they're specific complications stemming from the past infection. In the absence of specifics, it is also possible to represent the history with the following ICD-10 code arrangement:

    • O99.891 (2) (3): Other specified diseases and conditions complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

    • Z86.19: Personal history of other infectious or parasitic diseases

    • O35.3xxo: Maternal care for (suspected) damage to fetus from viral disease in mother, not applicable or unspecified

    SMFM also hosted a recent webinar titled Code Optimally for Covid-19 Services. Please view that for additional guidance. Please see the Webinars link under the Practice Management option on our website.



    Trisha Malisch, CPC, CCS-P
    Lead Coder
    SMFM Coding Committee

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    Posted 01-24-2023 10:19
    Thank you, this was very helpful.

    Norah Al-Hussaini