Practice Management

  • 1.  Consult only wRVU %tiles

    Posted 10-26-2018 16:46
    ​Perhaps I missed it, but I cannot seem to find a listing of %tile RVU for MFM consult only practices.
    My hospital wants to look at my productivity as compared to MGMA data for all MFM (those that deliver and those that don't). I want to give them something more accurate to compare me to.
    Have the practice management book - but don't really see it in there?

    Christy Pearce

  • 2.  RE: Consult only wRVU %tiles

    Posted 10-27-2018 17:07
    You did not miss it.  Unfortunately we did not measure it in that manner.  I would guess that on the average, a consult only doctor does less RVU.  On the average, you can see that 25-50 deliveries/yr has the highest compensation.  Greater than 50 decreases compensation as it may pull people out of the outpatient clinic.

    You possibly could take the less than 25 delivery group and divide by the dollar per RVU to estimate the RVU generated.  Sorry we did not calculate it in the way you needed.  We can look at that with the next benchmarking study due in the next year.

    Brian Iriye