Brian Iriye

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President, Hera Womens Health.  Managing partner of the largest maternal-fetal medicine practice in Nevada. Board certified in maternal-fetal medicine as well as obstetrics and gynecology. Interest in ultraound, complex medical conditions in pregnancy (hypertension, diabetes, etc.), prenatal diagnosis, and practice management. Currently active in medical research with projects involving preterm birth and other projects in clinical obstetrics. Additional interests in healthcare systems, practice management, and fetal programming.

President, Hera Womens Health (4/2021- present)
Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Executive Board (2/14- 2/21)
President SMFM - (2/2019- 2/2020)
Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Board of Directors (2012-2014)
Association for Maternal Fetal Medicine Management, Chairman (2009-2016)
Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Foundation Board of Directors (2/10- 2/21)
SMFM Practice Management Board (2017-2021)
Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Coding Committee
Perinatal Quality Foundation Board of Directors (2016- 2021)
President of the Nevada Perinatal Foundation a 501c3 corporation interested in research and education in Nevada. Multiple publications from 1993-present. Presenter for numerous national conferences.
Editor SMFM Practice Management Book 2018
Director of SMFM/ACOG/NICHD Quality Measures in High Risk Pregnancies Workshop 2016
Co-Director SMFM/ACOG Implementation Workshop 2020
Lead for Past SMFM/AMFMM Benchmarking studies

Specialties: Interests in quality and value based care, obstetrical ultrasound, clinical high risk obstetrical care, practice management