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There is nothing very complicated about using or consuming Shilajit for your wellbeing. If you are familiar with consuming mineral supplements or multivitamins, then you might be surprised to know that there is not much of a difference here. Shilajit can be directly consumed orally in the form of pills that are available in the market today. However, what you need to be concerned about is the dosage that you consume and the frequency at which you take it. You must make sure that it’s in balance with your body.

If you want to make sure that you consume the right amount of Shilajit or are worried about how to take Shilajit worry not, here’s everything that you need to know about different forms of Shilajit, how to consume it, and the dosage.

Liquid Shilajit

To make sure that you enjoy all the benefits of Shilajit, you need to make sure that you are taking the correct doses of it and not abusing it. If you are using liquid Shilajit supplements, then you should know that on an average you should only consume 100-150 mg of it in a day. Remember, do not exceed 600 mg of liquid Shilajit in a day, since it may have adverse effects on your body.

To consume liquid Shilajit, you need to mix it with water or any other liquid, like milk. It doesn’t matter if the liquid you are using is hot or cold. However, you need to make sure that you don’t boil the Shilajit. You might hear from people that mixing Shilajit with goat’s milk will provide you the best benefits, but the truth is there’s no evidence of it. You can mix liquid Shilajit with any liquid you want and will still get the same benefits. You can also mix Shilajit with your favorite drink, like green tea or milkshakes.

Solid Shilajit

While the liquid form of Shilajit is bitter, the solid form of Shilajit is easier to consume and doesn’t have the bitter taste. The recommended dosage for taking solid Shilajit is again 100-150 mg per day, and it should not exceed 300 mg per serving. To consume solid Shilajit, all you need to do is just but solid Shilajit tablets available and swallow it with water. You can also measure and take around 150 mg of Shilajit and take it orally with any liquid. Also, you can dissolve the solid Shilajit in water and consume it as a liquid.

When should you consume Shilajit?

The best time to consume Shilajit is early in the morning or during the day. Some people also tend to consume it at night before going to sleep, which is not recommended. You can take it with any food you want to; there are no restrictions on what you eat while taking Shilajit. However, you need to be sure that you are not consuming more than 300 mg of Shilajit in a single serving.

You can consume Shilajit 1-2 times a day and around 4-6 times per week. The ideal dosage and duration of Shilajit are taking it for one month at a time for 2-3 times in a year. However, if you want to consume Shilajit regularly, you can do so by limiting the daily dosage and the number of days you consume it.

When should you stop taking Shilajit?

Many studies report on some of the potential side effects of Shilajit. However, these side effects are rare and only occur in specific cases. You need to be wary of the situations when it is not advisable to take Shilajit.

  • If you are pregnant or are suffering from any serious health condition, then you need to consult a doctor before consuming Shilajit.
  • If you have abnormal levels of iron in your blood, then it’s better not to consume Shilajit.
  • People suffering from serious heart issues and high blood pressure issues are also recommended to see a doctor before consuming Shilajit.
  • It is not recommended for kids and toddlers, especially for those below the age of 4 years.